First of all, Welcome to Hotel Tante in Lemvig. I hope you will enjoy your stay and the city and surrounding area

Here we will try to review activities and attractions in and around Lemvig, which will be relevant to visitors and tourists.

Western Jutlands dimple or gem, as the city is called, is beautifully situated in the hills and wave country. Lemvig has a beautiful fjord entrance. There followed the beach road of approx. 2.3 km all the way to the beautiful newly renovated port which is located right in the center. This is very popular and a great experience for visitors who come by sea in sailboats or motorboats. Lemvig also has a big beautiful lake. As well located close to the North Sea. These include Thyborøn and Bovbjerg as delightful excursion..

Just after Lemvig Museum you will find the famous Planet walking path, which is one of Lemvig major sights.

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