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Here we will come up with suggestions on why you as a visitor would love Lemvig. The city is so appealing. First of all, Lemvig is beautiful, There are few cities which are perfect in the same way between the inlet and lake. And even very close to the North Sea.

The city has always been called the dimple of West Jutland, and it is not without reason, as the town is wedged into an El Dorado between the beautiful sea entry from the Northwest and the large beautiful lake to the south . Lemvig has always been a thriving commercial and market town, and the town is approx. 780 years old. Here you will find the real people of Western Jutland , where a word is still a word and you run not from an agreement/deal.

The city's old fishing harbour has been renovated and ready by summer 2013. With the new high water protection, so that the city can cope with the fierce storms that rage in the fall. The port is now ready to receive sailing tourists who can sail right into the center of town and dock . At the harbor are several lovely restaurants with sweeping views of the harbor and the bay. From the harbor you can see the long coastal road snaking around 2.3 km along the entrance, to end out by Lemvig Marina, which is home to Lemvig Sailing Club and all the define sailors from Lemvig.

This area is also known as "Gjellerodde". And here lies Lemvig beach. And Lemvig holiday resort center, with all the beautiful apartments overlooking the marina. Just before the beach road ends is Lemvig Golf & Golf Club. So there is also ample opportunity to play golf in the city.

On the Beach Road is also an attraction that many visitors enjoy to the fullest, namely the Museum of Religious Art. As hosts exhibitions with large famous names.

There is also the opportunity to go a magnificent trip on the walking Planet Path, it is one of Lemvig major sights. The Planet path is a scale model of the solar system in the scale of 1:1 billion. It consists of a series of sculptures of bronze and granite, which is set in the natural landscape by the Limfjord at Lemvig.

This was a small taste of what is waiting visitors and we are confident that you will enjoy your stay in West Jutland dimple Lemvig. Welcome..

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