Our​ Hotel ​in Lemvig​ offers ​city center location,​at the old ​church​on the town square

Welcome to Lemvig , Western jutlands dimple and old beautiful city founded Year is 1234. The oldest document found , confirming that the city of ​​Lemvig is at least 780 years old in (2013) . At that time the city was spelled and pronounced as: (læmwich).

The old fishing village and market town has approx . 8,000 inhabitants and is characterized as Western Jutland only mountain town. The city has always been an enterprising business . Here among the hills and waves at the bottom of Lem - Bay and at the foot of the beautiful moraine, there Vestjyllands dimple or simply, and with a twinkle in his eye, Lidenlund.Most people know of Henning Gantriis drawings of " Life in Lund ". Gantriis was born 1918 in Lemvig , where his father was foreman at threshing machine factory Vestjyden. He was trained as a teacher at Nr. Nissum College and moved in 1942 to Copenhagen, where he worked as an art teacher until he could support himself as a full-time artist.

For people who have not visited Lemvig yet , the city can primarily be described as incredibly beautiful, with fjords , lakes and hills. In fact, Lemvig great location recall a beautiful Norwegian bygte , but with less height. Sailboats can sail right into the center of the city, and put to the dock in the harbor and it is a dream for most sailors. There is also a large marina approx. 2.3 Km away from the beautiful coastal road that follows the entrance.

Lemvig has actually a big long pedestrian street with many fine shops, harbor, lake, golf course and is located near the sea. Several museums,Museum of Religious Art & Lemvig museum. On the square is the old renovated church from the year 1250 - (1500). The church was in its original form Late Gothic long house, but appears in its expanded form as a long building with two of three side chapels to the north and south and west tower. The tower burned in 1683 by lightning. And was restored again in the year 1788 due to decay. 

Hotel Tante Lemvig is located in the town square overlooking the church .The development of Lemvig Harbour has gained momentum , with new buildings, new flood control and a breakdown of Lemvig Harbour into several smaller units. The harbor is newly built and completed in summer 2013.Visitors can choose to take a nice walk on the Planet path by Lemvig, which is a scale model of the solar system on a scale from 1. to 1,000,000,000. 

The consists of a series of sculptures in granite and bronze set in the scenery along the Limfjord/inner sea around Lemvig. This is a glorious and nice walk through nature. With many good prospects and beautiful nature. The beautiful landscape you pass through when going on the Planet path has inspired the poet Thøger Larsen to the text of the famous songs "Denmark now cherished" and "You Danish Summer I love you".

Hope you get many good experiences in Lemvig and again Welcome..

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